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Band Newsletter

FALL 2002

Hamilton High School West - Hornet Band


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  Director of Bands Message
  THANK YOU - Thank You
  Mercer County Cavalcade of Band
  Region Band Information
  Help Needed
  Truck Raffle
  Pasta Dinner
  Bus Trip to Reading
  Cookie Dough
  Flower Bulb Pick Up

Message From the Director of Bands

Thank you is often an under used and under appreciated phrase in our day to day lives. But, as a band director, I have learned that without the help of a tremendous number of people it would be impossible to create music and teach our kids about music and life. So let me begin by thanking everyone of you for your attendance at band parent meetings, for your support of our efforts to provide our kids with the best music education we can provide and for your personal and emotional support over the long haul.

In my thirty two years at West, a number of phrases have defined our teaching and learning experience. Early on a credo was established based on the letters of a simple word: PRIDE. To be proud of what we do as Hornet Band members, we have to live up to five basic concepts. We have to have a Purpose. That purpose is to produce a quality musical product that both entertains our audience and educates us as musicians and human beings. We have to show Respect for each other regardless of our position, age or situation. We have to demonstrate Initiative; taking jobs without being asked and offering to help where ever possible. We have to be Determined; nothing comes easily, hard work and effort will always result in a sense of accomplishment and success. And lastly, we must display a sense of "espirit de corps". This French phrase translates into, "the spirit of the one" or everyone working together for common goals.

What has made the Hamilton High School West Hornet Band a success over the past three plus decades has not been the efforts of one or two people but the combined efforts of thousands of individuals all working toward a common set of goals. Band directors, teachers, advisors, instructors, parents, grandparents, students, alumni, coaches, administrators, community leaders and fellow band members at other schools within the township and elsewhere.

Where will the Hornet Band find success in the years to come? Certainly not by looking back at the "glorious, golden days of the past". Those golden days were golden only for those who lived them and are now a faint memory for those who are living the Hornet Pride of today. Where will the future take the Hornet Band? My answer is: where ever the students, staff and parents want it to go. Each of you can be a part of the Hornet Band future. Each of you can get involved and take the Pride of Mercer County on to bigger and better things; creating your own "golden days". Accept the challenge. Get involved. Take the initiative. Become a part of the espirit de corps that comes with being a part of the Hamilton High West Hornet Band.

Thank you for the past and for being the future of the Hornet Band.

Check out our web site at:

-Do not use www. before this address

Thank You - THANK YOU - Thank You to every one who Helped out at camp this year, especially JoAnn Grace for taking on the organizational aspects of food and uniforms and everything else. Also thanks to Ken Witt, Gail Bizuga, Cathy Fitzpatrick, Laurie Hardy, Maria DeAngelo, Janise Kocsak, Chris Cullen, Diane Schifano, Theresa Buck, Charlie Buck, Sue Gosselin, Paula Fabrizi, Angela Mastropolo, Cheryl McCarthy, Nancy Giordano, Sharon Overton, Carol Woronicz, Theresa Hugg, Susie Geraci, Doreen Plummer, Lily Petrangeli, Susan Dill, Linda Peoples, Toni Dori, Nancy Shipe and special thanks to Kim Courtney who will chair next year's band camp and Suzanne Kieffer who will be the hoagie master.

Truck Raffle:

Our "we need a new truck raffle" seems to be gaining momentum and the pot keeps getting larger every day. Remember the drawing will be at the October 7th Band Parents meeting. All money and ticket stubs must be in by the start of the meeting.

Pasta Dinner:

The best laid plans of parents We are running into some cost questions regarding using our cafeteria for this fundraiser. Besides the need to pay a custodian overtime, we are researching the implications of the new reality of our school district food service contractor being an outside organization. Because of these and other open-ended questions, we will be postponing this dinner until later in the year when we have all of the answers and can give the kids the maximum profit.

Flower Bulb Pick Up:

When - Thursday, September 26th 5pm until 6pm
Where - HHW Cafeteria / enter through the doors nearest the traffic light

Cookie Dough:

Over $30,000 worth of frozen dough has been ordered. This is, as usual, our biggest and best fundraiser. Delivery will be in the evening of October 16th in the cafeteria. Pick up time will be established later.

Bus Trip to Reading: November 24th

Get out those credit cards and be prepared to shop `'til you drop.
Reservations are required. First come first seated and seating is limited. Send in $15 per person as soon as possible to hold your spot and good luck finding those special holiday bargains. $4.80 goes into a student's account per seat. Buses leave from Steinert's parking lot at 7:45am and return at 7pm. Ticket includes lunch, coupon books and other goodies.

Mercer County Cavalcade of Bands:

This year's line up will include Ewing, Florence, Trenton, Lawrence, Steinert, Nottingham and our own Hornet Band. Unfortunately, the Alfred E. Smith Steel Drum Band won't be returning. They have a guest artist coming from Trinidad for that weekend to run a workshop for their group. This is our 28th year of hosting this event beginning at 1:30pm on Sunday, October 13th. All advance ticket sales will go directly into your child's account toward the trip. Thank you in advance for volunteering to help that day; we couldn't do it without you! Our final planning session will be our next Band Parent Club meeting on October 7th.


Thanks to Donna H. and all of the parent nurses who have volunteered to care for our kids at home and away games. If you are nurse and would like to help out, please contact Donna at our October meeting.

Truck Crew:

Truck master, Jeff W. is always looking for new hands to help out at home and away games with moving instruments and equipment. Check with Jeff at the October meeting for openings on the truck and home game schedule.

Region Band:

Any student interested in trying out for the Central Jersey Region Band needs to see Mrs. Plumstead as soon as possible for an application and information about the required solo and memorized scales.


Sticking with our food for profit theme, we will be offering a November fundraiser selling pies. Stay tuned for more details. {Click Here for copy of order form}