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Band Parent News

October 1, 2002

Hamilton High School West - Hornet Band


Hamilton Township School Directory

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This is an on-going development on this page - Some thoughts that I had put together to try to make this work.      Roger

Please attend the meeting or just e-mail me suggestions, I will try to make it work. Don't forget this is OUR electronic information page to share information with all other Band Parents experience, new, & future members.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - May of heard this from Autodialer

School autodialer will send a weekly message: the calls are coming and not to be hang up.
It will dial 3 times to get a person or a machine, but will not try again if hung up.
No message playback listen carefully or check the web.

Some General Reminder: 

For Upper/Season Band Parents
For Past Band Parent Members
For Incoming Band Parents
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